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Account Requirements

The primary requirement for a Health Savings Account (HSA) is that it be with a qualified provider. Qualified providers are those recognized by the United States Treasury Department as a provider which provides these services. The fact that the provider is recognized is very important, because of the role your administrator plays in the management of you florida HSA.

Among the administratorýs functions is providing the necessary IRS reporting. The administrator also provides advice and tax assistance throughout your HSAs life. Because the process does not include any third party approval or substantiation of claims, current information and reliable advice becomes very important. Thatýs why there are some important legal guidelines an administrator must meet to operate an HSA.

Because an HSA is technically classified as a tax-exempt trust, code 223(d) sets minimum requirements on who can be a trustee. Generally the trustee is a bank or an insurance company. However, the trustee can be another person who satisfies the Treasury Department that they can administer the trust in a way that is consistent with 223(d)ýs requirements.

Along with the required IRS reporting, an administrator should be conversant with the rules and guidelines applicable to HSAs and MSAs (medical savings accounts). An administrator should also make itself easily accessible for advice. The account in question should bear interest when it gets to a certain size. It should also provide capabilities for longer-term investment, such as mutual funds, stocks and bonds. This aspect of HSAs is what makes them comparable to other accounts such as IRAs or 401Ks. This aspect of HSAs is what sets these plans apart from traditional health plans ý the ability to receive tax advantages while saving money, investing, and earning interest, coupled with an account that helps you pay for your health care expenses.

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