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The Healthy State Initiative

With a southern city listed as one of the fattest cities in the nation and a northern city listed as one of the fittest, Florida is at a crossroads when it comes to having a healthy state. While Jacksonville jumped from years past to become even fitter, Miami fell even further securing its place as one of the fattest. But how could that be? It’s the same climate, same state – they should be equally as fit, but unfortunately that is not the case.

That is why programs like A Healthy State are imperative to creating a more unified state – health-wise. A program designed by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, A Healthy State helps Florida residents on Medicaid learn more about living a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t what you are doing wrong, you will never know how to make it right.

The basis behind the program is two-fold: one, make Floridians healthier and thereby, two, lowering the staggering costs of health related services for the ill and overweight. It’s a simple equation, when you are healthy, you see the doctor less. The program is run by a team of professionals who assist participants with everything from learning about their condition to how to talk to their doctor, from what not to eat to how to stay fit. They give interested parties the tools and resources to make educated and healthful decisions about themselves.

Physicians participate in this program, as well. Florida doctors and hospitals are given training on how to deal with these participants and how to communicate with them to encourage their healthy lifestyle. The state of Florida is committed to making this program work and touching the lives of our residents who need it most. In its first year the program helped 150,000 patients and the numbers continue to grow.

From community support and the dedication of the plans participants, this program will help so many more people across the state. For more information on becoming a part of the A Healthy State initiative, contact the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration.

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Florida Health Insurance Articles

    Pharmaceutical Benefits for the Elderly in Florida
    As part of court settlement, Medco to provide uninsured Florida senior citizens with generic medications.

    Florida Insurance Regulations
    Florida health insurance regulations designed to protect consumers, prohibit discrimination based upon pre-existing conditions.

    Healthy Families Florida
    State of Florida plan helps parents and guardians lacking in financial resources to provide health care to their families.

    Florida Medicaid Reform
    The benefits contained within Florida?s Medicaid program and how the public plays a role.

    State of Florida Health Care Premiums
    Due to rising costs, committee formed to review healthcare costs within the state of Florida.

    Take Control of Health Care Costs
    Experts suggest monitoring the incurrence of all healthcare costs to ensure you are not paying more than you should.

    The Affordable Health Care for Floridians Act
    Not only making healthcare affordable to all Floridians, but making all Floridians educated about healthcare is the goal of the Affordable Healthcare for Floridians Act

    Short-term Florida Health Insurance
    When in between policies, Florida short-term health insurance may cover the gaps by providing temporary security.

    Florida Maternity Insurance
    Reviewing one's healthcare policy with respect to coverage for maternity-related matters is an important issue for women considering getting pregnant.

    Prescription Plans
    Prescription medications, the hotly debated topic of late, can prove enormously costly and detrimental to one?s should he or she not have the benefit of quality pharmaceutical coverage.

    Florida Health Care Assistance Programs
    For those without insurance, a variety of reputable outlets exist from which one can obtain necessary health care services and treatments.

    Insurance Service Programs in Florida
    Within the State of Florida, low income residents have access to programs that provide health care insurance via private companies.

    Health Insurance for Children in Florida
    Low income families though not always able to afford it, still desire the best quality care for their children. Through Florida?s Health Care for Children program, parents are able to provide for their children with KidCare and additional benefit-laden, state run programs.

    Student Health Insurance in Florida
    Once officially declared an adult at the age of 18, what do parents do about their child?s health insurance coverage?

    The Healthy State Initiative
    Within the state of Florida, a concerted effort is underway to improve the lives of residents? by helping them to understand how to attain and maintain a healthier, fuller life.

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