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Florida Health Savings Accounts, or Florida HSA s are a new and innovative approach to health care coverage. The bill that provided for the basic fundamentals of HSAs was signed into law in December of 2003 and HSAs quickly became available in January of 2004.

There are two separate parts that make up the Florida HSA structure ŭ a qualified high-deductible health insurance program, and an individual savings/investment account or tax-exempt trust. The plan works by utilizing the trust account to pay for routine medical expenses and build future savings with any money left over. All money that is not used in the course of the year remains in the tax-free account.

Allowable medical expenses under Florida HSA plans are defined by the IRS. However, the definitions of allowable expenses are generally much broader than those set by insurance companies, including services like dental and vision care. The IRS ability to designate allowable expenses may seem strange until you remember that individuals are allowed to deduct contributions made to their HSAs from their gross income, resulting in tax-free money to pay for medical expenses. This aspect of HSAs make them similar to IRAs used for the sole purpose of paying for medical expenses.

The health insurance aspect of HSAs features lower premiums than traditional health insurance. The theory is that the money saved on premiums, that would normally pay for things like co-pays on doctor visits and lower deductibles, instead goes into your Florida HSA. Proponents of HSAs also point out that the structure also re-introduces market forces into the health care equation, giving consumers an incentive to compare prices and service, and to only seek health care when it is actually a necessity. This theoretically will cause medical professionals to compete and act as a mechanism to halt spiraling health care costs.

Make sure to check out more information on Florida HSA eligibility, requirements, tax advantages, contributions, medical expenses, and coordinating benefits offered on our site to find out more about an exciting new type of health care coverage.

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Florida Health Insurance Articles

    Pharmaceutical Benefits for the Elderly in Florida
    As part of court settlement, Medco to provide uninsured Florida senior citizens with generic medications.

    Florida Insurance Regulations
    Florida health insurance regulations designed to protect consumers, prohibit discrimination based upon pre-existing conditions.

    Healthy Families Florida
    State of Florida plan helps parents and guardians lacking in financial resources to provide health care to their families.

    Florida Medicaid Reform
    The benefits contained within Floridaŭs Medicaid program and how the public plays a role.

    State of Florida Health Care Premiums
    Due to rising costs, committee formed to review healthcare costs within the state of Florida.

    Take Control of Health Care Costs
    Experts suggest monitoring the incurrence of all healthcare costs to ensure you are not paying more than you should.

    The Affordable Health Care for Floridians Act
    Not only making healthcare affordable to all Floridians, but making all Floridians educated about healthcare is the goal of the Affordable Healthcare for Floridians Act

    Short-term Florida Health Insurance
    When in between policies, Florida short-term health insurance may cover the gaps by providing temporary security.

    Florida Maternity Insurance
    Reviewing one's healthcare policy with respect to coverage for maternity-related matters is an important issue for women considering getting pregnant.

    Prescription Plans
    Prescription medications, the hotly debated topic of late, can prove enormously costly and detrimental to oneŭs should he or she not have the benefit of quality pharmaceutical coverage.

    Florida Health Care Assistance Programs
    For those without insurance, a variety of reputable outlets exist from which one can obtain necessary health care services and treatments.

    Insurance Service Programs in Florida
    Within the State of Florida, low income residents have access to programs that provide health care insurance via private companies.

    Health Insurance for Children in Florida
    Low income families though not always able to afford it, still desire the best quality care for their children. Through Floridaŭs Health Care for Children program, parents are able to provide for their children with KidCare and additional benefit-laden, state run programs.

    Student Health Insurance in Florida
    Once officially declared an adult at the age of 18, what do parents do about their childŭs health insurance coverage?

    The Healthy State Initiative
    Within the state of Florida, a concerted effort is underway to improve the lives of residentsŭ by helping them to understand how to attain and maintain a healthier, fuller life.

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