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Qualified Medical Expenses

In order for distributions from your Florida HSA to be tax-free, they must be spent for qualified florida medical expenses. The expenses that are qualified are determined by the IRS, and include a wide variety of health care services and/or items. One of the preliminary requirements to qualify under the IRS guidelines is that the expense must be incurred after the Florida HSA coverage has already been established.

The following expenses are all covered, unless they are reimbursed by your health care coverage. The list that follows is meant only as a quick reference. You can contact the IRS for a copy of its publication that explains covered items in far more detail.

Qualified fees include those associated with anesthesia, being a blood donor, chiropractic and chiropodist care, clinic fees, dental fees, fees associated with diagnosis, diathermy, physical examinations, eye and vision examinations, gynecologists, hospital and laboratory fees. Also included are long-term care insurance premiums and expenses, lip-reading lessons for the deaf, medical information plans, midwife therapy, nursing fees, oculist, ophthalmologist, optician, and optometrist fees. Oral surgery, orthodontia, osteopath, pediatric care, physician, physiotherapist, podiatrist, and practical nurse fees are also qualified, along with psychiatrist, psychologist, psychoanalyst, and surgeon fees.

Other services not traditionally covered under a florida health care plans are also considered qualified expenses. These include things like acupuncture, ambulance hire, automobile modifications such as handbrakes and lifts, Braille books and magazines, crutches, both over the counter and prescription drugs, medically prescribed elastic hose, eximer laser procedures, eyeglasses and contact lens, halfway house residency, assorted hospital bills, iron lung and operating costs. Also among qualified expenses are oxygen and equipment, radial keratotomy, medical equipment rentals, sanitarium or rest homes, seeing-eye dog, limited special education, telephone and television sets designed for hearing impaired, therapy treatments, treatment for alcohol and substance abuse, transportation expenses associated with illness, wheelchairs, and x-rays.

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